Oh, memory.

In yesterday’s New York Times, there was an op-ed that hit so very close to home.

Written by a neuroscientist, it confirms what I have suspected for some time now: Short-term memory is subject to fails at any age. And the reason it takes me longer to call up a recent fact or event is that my brain is overstuffed with some 60 years of memories and, let’s face it, trivia. Totally logically, it takes me longer to look through it all to find what I’m after.

Now if only someone would come up with a safe and effective brain housecleaning strategy so that I could get rid of, say, song lyrics from 1964, while retaining the location where I’ve tucked away my granddaughter’s birthday present, that would be a breakthrough.

Here’s the piece: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/10/opinion/sunday/age-memory.html

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