A (future) volunteer’s thoughts

by Jodie

Recently my sister has been without the use of her car, so I have had the chance to drive my sister and her son when they have needed to attend an event or to do some grocery shopping.  Helping them in this way has been immensely satisfying for me.  Not only has it brought me closer to my sister and her son and been a time of camaraderie for us, but I have noticed that I have also been energized by it.  This has been especially apparent when I have further helped my sister, who has scoliosis, by carrying her groceries from my car to her kitchen.  When I am taking in my own groceries at home, I do what I need to do, but without enthusiasm.  Hauling her bags in, though, is a lively, jolly experience and it is gratifying to see how much she appreciates it.  This experience with my sister gives me a sense of how privileged I will feel as a volunteer for Cville Village.

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