On the need for a Village

It’s June, 2021. Two years ago this time, we were hoping we would have a functioning Village by now! We had no idea what would descend upon us in early March of 2020. For readers who lost a loved one to covid or anything else in the past 15 months, our most sincere condolences.

No doubt we have all learned something from this pandemic experience about ourselves and about living in this world.

We Zoomed, had driveway parties, adopted pets, read, baked, binge-watched, walked, talked on the phone. We coped however we could.

Over those long months, nearly every day I heard or read something that shouted to me, “Cville NEEDS a Village!” A plea to check on neighbors. Food delivery. Help with technology so families could stay in touch.

Laura said, “…all this quarantine and isolation has carried a strong message about building and supporting community for people in our area who are facing the crisis of aging alone.” She’s right. Community, companionship, are critical for humans and especially for those who are on their own. A Village can make them happen.

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