July 2022 update

Well, folks, lots of changes lately.

We learned in May that both MK and Helen, stalwarts who had been on this project since earliest times AND board members, were leaving to pursue other avenues for community involvement. That gave me a sinking pit-of-stomach feeling and I was spurred to contemplate my own participation. I contacted the others who had been actively working on this project before covid hit and we are left with 2 people besides me plus one who can’t come to meetings but graciously agreed to manage the email list and put out emails.

So many times I’ve heard: this is such a good idea, Cville really needs this; call me when you get it going.

Not: how can I help you get it going?

Not: I can make a donation to help you get going!

If it’s such a good idea, why aren’t others stepping up to help? They’re busy? we’re ALL busy! They aren’t well? there are jobs that can be done from one’s recliner!

OK, enough feeling sorry. Let’s move on.

I called a meeting of the two available people, we had a couple others attend (but not stick), and the 3 of us are now the Board of Directors: me, Jodie Stevens, and Laura Wallace. (Bless you both.) We’ve officially transferred the archives, the bank account, and the 501c3 management to this new board.

We are attempting some outreach to Cville’s African American community and will be making a brief presentation about the Village idea to the congregants of the Ebenezer Baptist Church on Sunday, July 17. Many thanks to Pastor Lehman Bates for facilitating this.

Based on the feedback from the church event, we then plan to choose a neighborhood for a pilot and see how that goes.

We’re also meeting with folks from the Center for Nonprofit Excellence and JABA next week to explore areas for cooperation.

Stay tuned.

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