Board of Directors

M.K. Gleason

After a career in production finance, M.K. Gleason retired to Charlottesville in 2011.   When she first heard about the Village concept, the idea resonated with her core belief in service, giving-back and building community. M.K. joined the Board of Cville Village in 2014.

Maryann Long

Maryann Long, a midwife for over 35 years before retiring to Charlottesville in 2018, got excited by the Village concept while volunteering with Capital City Village in Austin, TX. Anticipating the move to Cville, she looked for a Village here, only to find it had stalled in its development. Her goal is to see Cville Village launched and thriving. She is the mother of two, grandmother of two with a third coming soon, and active in professional and other community organizations. Maryann became a board member in 2019.

Helen Plaisance

Helen Plaisance has been passionate about ensuring  that  older residents get to live their most satisfying lives, independently, in their homes for the past twenty-some years. She believes that Villages offer the most economic and efficient means for that to happen and is dedicated to making that happen here in Charlottesville. She’s served as local and long- distance caregiver for her parents, aunt, mother-in-law, neighbors and church community for much of that time.


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