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Aging in place just a dream?

In order to age in place, you need – yes, THE PLACE. Housing affordability being what it is, having the place is just a dream for some.

Read about it in this issue of Harvard magazine.

Yes, we’ve been busy with the OLLI course – which had a great 2nd session yesterday and wraps up, hopefully, next week, if your editor does not come down with covid after an exposure last night.

Who wants to do this in Cville?

Here’s a story about a new older-adult housing community in Missoula, Montana. Missoula, like Cville, is a small city that is home to a public research university and rising costs of housing.

A community like this offers the convenience of urban living, built-in social connections, and relief from outside home maintenance chores. We especially like that it’s close to some day-care centers with attendant intergenerational learning opportunities.

If we had such a thing here it would be important to ensure that some units would be affordable – and we mean really affordable – so that income would not be a barrier to ownership.

Where could we do this in Cville and what would we need to make it happen?