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It’s coming for all of us…

WaPo today has an article about the climate effects of different death care options.

Some of us may feel there are better uses for acreage than putting boxes in the ground that will be there for pretty much ever. Cremation has become much more common and acceptable, but has a very large environmental cost.

Human composting and natural burial are becoming more common, as you can read in the article. Currently human composting is not legal in VA – you can contact your state reps about this if it appeals to you – but we do have some natural burial grounds. At this time our closest such ground is near Harrisonburg, but there’s a local Cville option that we hope will open sometime soon, at Panorama Farms.

What are your thoughts about these options? Have you already made a plan?

Compassion and Choices; compost yourself!

Following up on our previous post, we as a Village have become an organizational member of Compassion and Choices Virginia. We’ll be watching to see if/when our legislature gets on board, and reminding them that this is an issue important to seniors AND WE VOTE. Have you written to your legislators?

The NY Times has been on fire lately with articles about seniors’ issues. Yesterday, it was this one about human composting.

For many of us, the idea of a ‘traditional’ burial in a lead-lined box after having liters of formaldehyde injected into our (collapsed) veins seems like a vast waste of money, space, and resources, not to mention the potential for pollution. Cremation appeals to some, but here you can read about the associated downsides.