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Special delivery via Cville Village

Saturday’s New York Times Well column was all about seniors who are alone and need an escort home from medical procedures that require sedation. You know what we’re talking about: the colonoscopy is the classic example, but cataracts and just about any outpatient surgery is in this category.

A perfect job for a Village volunteer! No medical expertise needed, because these folks would otherwise be accompanied by a random friend or family member. There certainly should be (IOHO) a plan for telephone follow-up by a nurse on a daily basis for a couple of days at least. But that same Village volunteer who escorted the person home could do a friendly check-in to establish that they are at least okay.

One more for the weekend

Here’s a story about robot companions for older adults in Italy, the country that apparently has the highest proportion of older adults of any in the global West. We’ll admit we’ve thought about writing a grant to acquire a robotic dog to lend out to Cville Village members, but that dog would not take the place of human companionship!