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Financial planners answer questions; could you get a mortgage?

Including that tricky one of when to start taking Social Security, in last Thursday’s New York Times. Read it here.

And from yesterday’s Times, the pitfalls of getting a mortgage while old.

We hope you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend!

Current federal spending bill has changes to retirement savings rules

They’re mostly good changes. Here is the NY Times article.

Most of it applies to people who are still working and young or young-ish. But the big news for retirees is that the age at which you must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions is going up again to 73 next year. It will be going up to 75 eventually.

Whoopee! just when your editor was set to start RMDs next year, we get a year’s reprieve.

Warning: this bill hasn’t passed Congress yet, so it may not happen like this. Keep watching your reliable news sources for updates.

Where to retire?

Yesterday’s NY Times had a piece on trends in choice of retirement communities. That move you imagined doing, to the Florida coast or anywhere in Florida, or any coast for that matter, might not be the right move.

Climate change is affecting those communities, and probably yours too. Here in Cville our summers have gotten hotter and warm weather is extending longer into the fall. You can go here, put in any US address, and get a crude estimate of its risk of flooding, wildfires, and extreme heat. At our address in Cville, we have a minor risk of wildfires but a major risk of extreme heat, predicting 7 days of temps above 103 F this year and 17 of the same in 30 years.