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Bye-bye, blue birdie!

We stopped posting on Twitter quite a while ago, in connection with a flurry of travel last fall, and what with the ups and downs of The Muskmelon (see what we did there?) did not pick it up again when the flurry was over. Instead, astute readers will have noticed that we’ve made a greater commitment to keeping up this blog since then, and overall are proud of that effort. [Must be careful now not to strain anything while reaching over to pat ourselves on the back.]

So today we’re here to announce that the Cville Village Twitter account has been deactivated and in 30 days will be automatically deleted.

The question now becomes, what, if anything, is to replace it? We do maintain a personal Instagram account, but really only to see photos of our grandson who is far away, and not because we think The Zucker is a better human being or more worthy of support than The Muskmelon. It is certainly a good way to share photos, which may be useful down the road when Cville Village has photos to share.

Some, including we, have questioned whether a Village even needs a social media presence, given that many current or prospective Village members don’t bother with it, indeed actively dislike the whole idea. Whom do we reach then? Possibly the children of our members? Sponsors? Donors?

Your editor joined Mastodon as an individual a few months back to see how it would go. So far it’s been okay. We understand that more and more people who are fleeing Twitter are turning up there, but because it’s decentralized, it seems not as easy to find people as one might like. It also seems a bit cerebral and serious, but that could be due to the sorts of accounts we’ve chosen to follow.

If any dear readers have thoughts on this (or anything else on this blog!), we welcome them.