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Special delivery via Cville Village

Saturday’s New York Times Well column was all about seniors who are alone and need an escort home from medical procedures that require sedation. You know what we’re talking about: the colonoscopy is the classic example, but cataracts and just about any outpatient surgery is in this category.

A perfect job for a Village volunteer! No medical expertise needed, because these folks would otherwise be accompanied by a random friend or family member. There certainly should be (IOHO) a plan for telephone follow-up by a nurse on a daily basis for a couple of days at least. But that same Village volunteer who escorted the person home could do a friendly check-in to establish that they are at least okay.

The Village model in the press! and your lazy editor

We get daily alerts from Google on the topics Healthy Aging and Aging in Place. Lo and behold in yesterday’s updates there was this gem from the Washingtonian: More Older People Are Opting to Age in Their Homes. Here’s How…

And there’s a description of the Village model with examples, which they have plenty of, because DC has something like 12 Villages just in the confines of the city, not even counting the nearby VA and MD ‘burbs where Villages also thrive.

Your lazy editor has been working on a grant proposal and finishing off the OLLI course. The latter ended yesterday with a lot of enthusiasm from the attendees. Their numbers were somewhat diminished as we had to postpone from last Tuesday after yours truly was unwittingly exposed to COVID the previous week, but luckily never developed symptoms and never tested positive. But the conversations, questions, connections made even over a little 3 week course were rewarding.

And yes, we are recruiting for Cville Village planning committee members; it’s getting exciting now as we think about structure and function while doing this grant proposal, in light of the feedback from the course.

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