One more for the weekend

Here’s a story about robot companions for older adults in Italy, the country that apparently has the highest proportion of older adults of any in the global West. We’ll admit we’ve thought about writing a grant to acquire a robotic dog to lend out to Cville Village members, but that dog would not take the place of human companionship!

A fun weekend read

From yesterday’s New York Times Well: What’s Behind the ‘Middle-Aged Groan’?

Risks from ‘social frailty’

From Kaiser Health News, some words about the concept of social frailty. We all understand physical frailty. Many of us have seen it in our parents, grandparents, or other older relatives or friends, even sometimes our spouses. Social frailty is poverty of the social network in which one lives. Like physical frailty, it seems to be associated with poor health outcomes.

Village members will be able to call on our volunteers for friendly visits and assistance, making Cville Village an antidote to social frailty. Bring it on!

Medical gaslighting

Have you ever had a medical visit where you felt like you weren’t being heard? Rushed? Ignored? These are indicators of medical gaslighting, and as older adults, and especially those of us who are women, we are more likely to experience it.

This article on medical gaslighting from Well in the New York Times (July 2022) is worth a read.

Intergenerational housing issues – not as dull as it sounds!

The folks who run this site, which is all about urban planning and is new to us, recently posted the 2nd part of an article “The Shifting Boomer Bulge.”

Here is part 1.

And here is part 2.

We found ourselves nodding in agreement as we read, so it may be interesting to some of y’all out there.

Happy Spring!

Try a sauna? More fun as you age?

Today’s Google Alerts were fun!

Here’s one person’s take on the benefits of sauna use.

And a Psychology Today article on how much fun getting older can be. Your editor would say the author might be overoptimistic on some of the 12 ways we benefit from being older, but you decide!

The Village model in the press! and your lazy editor

We get daily alerts from Google on the topics Healthy Aging and Aging in Place. Lo and behold in yesterday’s updates there was this gem from the Washingtonian: More Older People Are Opting to Age in Their Homes. Here’s How…

And there’s a description of the Village model with examples, which they have plenty of, because DC has something like 12 Villages just in the confines of the city, not even counting the nearby VA and MD ‘burbs where Villages also thrive.

Your lazy editor has been working on a grant proposal and finishing off the OLLI course. The latter ended yesterday with a lot of enthusiasm from the attendees. Their numbers were somewhat diminished as we had to postpone from last Tuesday after yours truly was unwittingly exposed to COVID the previous week, but luckily never developed symptoms and never tested positive. But the conversations, questions, connections made even over a little 3 week course were rewarding.

And yes, we are recruiting for Cville Village planning committee members; it’s getting exciting now as we think about structure and function while doing this grant proposal, in light of the feedback from the course.

Thoughts on aging right

We got a link to this HuffPost essay. Granted, this writer’s experience might be a bit extreme, but much of what she writes sounded oh-so-familiar to us.

As with other life transitions, aging IS an adventure. We’re all of us on a journey to a place we’ve never been before. We have to learn to live with the conditions in which we find ourselves, for instance suddenly single, as with the writer, or coping with physical ailments. This has some parallels with the experience of new parenthood. As much as you might have read about how to look after a new human, there’s nothing like actually doing it to achieve some real understanding.

And we all, but especially we who are farther down the path, also need to stay engaged with the world, with nature (to the extent comfortable), with ideas, with people. Particularly people who are, as they say in Australia, ‘good value’. Someone whose worldview is similar to or at least overlaps your own, who is a good listener, whom you can count on.

With these we can hope to find that sense of well-being to which the writer refers, a kind of reward for taking the journey.

Aging in place just a dream?

In order to age in place, you need – yes, THE PLACE. Housing affordability being what it is, having the place is just a dream for some.

Read about it in this issue of Harvard magazine.

Yes, we’ve been busy with the OLLI course – which had a great 2nd session yesterday and wraps up, hopefully, next week, if your editor does not come down with covid after an exposure last night.

OLLI session 1 review

We got almost all 18 registrants there and just as we’d hoped, they talked! They shared their feelings and fears. They responded to a lot of what we said. We think we were well received, we got some positive comments, and also some good questions that will take some research between now and the next session.