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We found this article useful and thought-provoking, and it’s not behind a paywall so you should all be able to read it.

Many of us who are adamant about staying in our homes don’t take the time to downsize our belongings so that our kids, or perhaps our executors, won’t be saddled with that task while they’re grieving our deaths. Think of it as a gift to them.

‘Kinless seniors’ – CvilleVillage is for YOU!

Yesterday’s NY Times had an article that might scare you.

Who will care for ‘kinless’ seniors?

Are you in this category? You are if you have no living parents, siblings, spouse, or children. It’s to be hoped that we all have friends or work pals for social connections. But they might not be the people you’d be comfortable calling on for help. So when it comes down to it, who will you be able to rely on for that ride to and from your health care provider, for example?

This is exactly what a Village is for! Once we have a Village going in Charlottesville, there will be someone. A volunteer you may already know, who can help you make a list of questions, drive you there, wait with you, take notes on the provider’s advice, help you make sure your questions are answered, and drive you home with a stop at the pharmacy if needed, and maybe even stay to have a cup of tea with you.

You can help make this a reality for yourself, for a kinless senior you know, for kinless seniors in our town, with a donation of money and/or your time on our Planning Committee.