What we’re doing

I’ve heard from a few of the steering committee in the past couple of weeks. It’s been difficult but necessary to put our organizing efforts on hold for a bit while we all focus on keeping ourselves and others we love safe. But here’s a little update from a few of us.

Laura is enjoying the relative peace and being grateful for friendly faces (from 6 feet away) and friendly voices.

Carla is getting ready to plant her garden.

Vikki is enjoying the blossoming of spring, watching Netflix (she recommends “Kim’s Convenience”), supporting local restaurants by ordering takeaway on Friday nights. She was part of a Zoom seder this week!

Helen is working hard from home to prepare her workplace for her imminent retirement. In her spare time she’s been producing masks, and there’s a new puppy at her house, so undoubtedly she is busy.

Yours truly has also been making masks, as well as finishing two baby quilts (one is for my grandson due in early May!), working on a gift quilt, reading from the stash I got from the library before it closed, and continuing involvement with other aspects of my volunteer life. I tweet something to the @cvillevillage feed almost every day, try to maintain a bit of strength via training with elastic bands, and walk at least a couple of miles every day if it’s not pouring. Oh, and bake.

Now would be a good time to make sure your voter registration is up to date. Stay safe, help each other, we’ll get through this.

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