Plus ça change…

It’s a French saying: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Or, in English: same stuff, different day. Helen and I, the chief movers of this initiative (if we can be said to be moving it) were on the verge of meeting to revive our Village development efforts when August happened and we got the Delta surge.

It’s heartening to see that vaccination numbers are ticking up and cases now ticking down; nationwide cases were below 75K yesterday. That’s down from close to 200K per day in September which is a definite improvement, but still…75K PER DAY! And in Cville/Albe, we are still getting cases every day, 26 of them on Friday, October 22 after peaking at 123 on September 2.

I hope the handful of readers of this blog have taken the opportunity to get all doses of covid vaccine for which they are eligible. My own prediction is that eventually we will settle into an endemic situation in which, like with influenza, we’ll all need a covid vaccine booster every year or two.

If no further variants cause big surges and our local case numbers continue dropping we will indeed go back to our planning activities. If you want to help us out, we welcome your participation. Meanwhile, please stay safe!

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