Knit power!

We’ll go a bit off topic today and share this opinion piece from a recent edition of the New York Times.

We are not sure how we missed it on the day it was published because we (that’s editorial we!) are an older woman who knits. But the ideas here transcend age and crafting abilities. All of us can get behind a movement that aims to quash ‘fast fashion’ in favor of clothing that lasts, that can be repaired, passed on to others when we no longer love it, and then recycled when its useful life is at last over.

Indeed, when we were growing up in a decidedly middle-middle class family in the 1950s, Mom bought fabric and patterns with us kids every spring and fall and took it all to Mrs Searles, who sewed for us and many other families in our town. At that time, store-bought was more expensive, sometimes much more, than the cost of fabric plus patterns plus Mrs Searles’s time. How the tables have turned! We still have remnants of some of the skirt and dress fabrics from those days in our quilt-making stash, so they have lasted a long time.

In our overstuffed world, this is an easy way to make a difference.

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