Proposed CvilleVillage Services

The following list was developed by the CvilleVillage Programs and Services Committee to show the proposed initial services that CvilleVillage will offer.   Once we begin offering services we will add additional services when we can.     Please feel free to add your comments on this list with your suggestions for additions.

  • Transportation
    Drive (and sometimes accompany) members to and from doctors, dentists, veterinarians, physical therapist, fitness centers,  banks, post office, hair salon/barber, grocery store, meetings, church, social events, train station,
    airport, etc.
    Run errands for members wherein member provides lists and funds but does not go with volunteer (pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Household Chores
    Change light bulbs
    Replace smoke detector batteries
    Change furnace filters
    Check fire extinguishers
    Make simple repairs
    Perform minor infrequent housework (light dusting, etc.)
    Organize items (rearrange closets or cabinets for easy access such as kitchenware, summer/winter clothing, seasonal decorations)
    Assist in compilation of emergency numbers
    Assist with pet care
  • Yard Chores (limited; at discretion of Village or volunteer)
    Rake/blow leaves
    Shovel/blow snow
    Put out and retrieve trash/recycle bins
    Do light weeding/planting
  • Social Assistance
    Make friendly visits
    Make daily phone calls
    Take walks
    Play games
    Read Aloud
  • Technology/Electronic Assistance
    Help with computers, printers, cell phones, DVD players, E-reader
  • Financial Assistance
    Provide limited help in paying bills; sort bills from other mail and place with member’s checkbook
  • Group Socialization
    Host pot luck dinners
    Go to restaurants, theater, concerts, movies
  • Village Office Assistance
    Perform administrative duties such as answer phones, maintain database, compile mailings, coordinate volunteers

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  1. The list is comprehensive. Thank you for the update. YOU ARE GOOD PEOPLE!!!!

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