Support CvilleVillage when you shop at Kroger Stores

You can support CvilleVillage when you shop at Kroger’s by linking your Kroger rewards card to the Kroger Community Rewards program.  Then every time you swipe your card at Kroger they will make a donation to CvilleVillage.

To register on-line for the Kroger Community Rewards, have your Kroger rewards card handy and go to

Click on  CREATE AN ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page   [If you don’t already have a Kroger card, you can get one by first clicking on REGISTER in the upper right hand corner].

Enter your email, create a password and enter your zip code, and again click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

Follow the steps entering your card number and other information as requested.  NOTE: you will need to click on SAVE after you enter each line of information.

Next click on EDIT, and under Kroger Community Rewards, type in Cvillevillage or enter our NPO number which is 93124.

Next click on SEARCH.   The screen should say:   “CvilleVillage  93124”    Click on the little circle next to “CvilleVillage” and you are done.

That’s all there is to it.   Once your are registered, everytime you swipe your card at Kroger, they will make a contribution to CvilleVillge   [NOTE: this has no effect on their separate program of Reward Points for Fuel].

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